COVID-19 Tools for Wellbeing

Are you looking for ways to stay healthy and at peace during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Dr. Tracy F. H. Chang at Rutgers University is conducting a study of the effectiveness of simple yoga tools for the wellbeing of undergraduate students during COVID-19. The study is under advisory of Dr. Balachundhar Subramaniam at Harvard Medical School. All undergraduate students in the U.S. are invited to participate. This is a great opportunity for students to enhance their wellbeing and contribute to science during these challenging times. 

Every time you complete a weekly survey for the study, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card. By completing each survey, you will have 12 chances to win a gift card. You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the study.

Join the Study


View the Study Flyer Tools for Wellbeing COVID-19 National Study



What do I need to do?

  • Complete a baseline survey (10 min.)
  • Learn yoga tools online (25 min.)
  • Do a daily practice (17 min.)
  • Complete 12 weekly follow-up surveys (5 to 10 min.)

You will be randomly assigned to Group 1 or 2:

  • Group 1 will learn yoga tools on week 1 and practice for 12 weeks.
  • Group 2 will learn yoga tools on week 4 and practice for 8 weeks.

Enhance your wellbeing and contribute to science!

This study offers powerful tools from the ancient science of yoga. Designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic, and New York Times best-selling author, these simple practices are accessible for beginners in the modern world. The potential benefits include:

  • Overall wellbeing
  • Mental clarity and emotional stability
  • Physical flexibility and health