Jiyoon Park

Jiyoon Park

  • Ph.D. Student, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
Janice H. Levin Building, 94 Rockafeller Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8054

Master of Science in Management, Yonsei University

Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics (double majors), Yonsei University

Curriculum Vitae - CV (PDF)

Jiyoon Park joined the doctoral program at the School of Management and Labor Relations in fall 2019. Her broad research interests are in precarious labor, labor institutions, and the future of work. In particular, she seeks to understand the structural forces and consequences of precarious labor, and the struggles of precarious workers. She is also interested in how labor institutions and social movements can protect workers’ rights. Prior to joining the program, Jiyoon earned a Master of Science degree in Management at Yonsei University.