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Alexander Sperling

  • Part-Time Lecturer, Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER)

M.L.E.R., Rutgers University

Alexander Sperling earned a Master of Labor and Employment Relations degree from Rutgers SMLR in 2010 and has taught several courses following his graduation. He now primarily focuses on online courses, particularly SMLR's popular Sports and Labor Relations course. In addiction, Mr. Sperling works for Montclair State University as the Coordinator of Aquatics and Summer Programs. He is also a Shop Steward for the AFT Local 1904 at Montclair, serving the full-time faculty, staff and librarians at the University. Mr. Sperling also serves as a Delegate to the State Council of Local New Jersey Colleges and Universities, as well as the Outreach Coordinator for the Local 1904.



  • Labor Relations in Professional Sports (Online)