SMLR Interim Dean Adrienne Eaton and Distinguished Professor Susan Schurman edited a new book, Informal Workers and Collective Action: A Global Perspective, with Martha A. Chen. The book features nine cases of collective action in a diverse set of countries to improve the status and working conditions of informal workers. Informal Workers and Collective Action book cover Professors Eaton and Schurman set the stage for the book by writing the introduction and conclusion.​​​​​ Professor Janice Fine co-wrote a chapter on "Haitian Migrant Workers in the Dominican Republic... read more

Distinguished Professor Doug Kruse, Professor Lisa Schur, and Ph.D. program alumni Sean Rogers ’13 and Mason Ameri ’17 coauthored an article on disability and wage gaps that was accepted for publication by the British Journal of Industrial Relations. The article, “Why Do Workers with Disabilities Earn Less? Occupational Ability Requirements and Disability Discrimination,” is forthcoming.   SMLR Professor Lisa Schur and Distinguished Professor Doug Kruse’s article, "Disability at Work: A Look Back and Forward," which was co-authored with Ph.D. program alumni Mason Ameri’17, Kyongji... read more

Shiloh Butterworth, LSER ’15, a retired Army veteran shares how his SMLR education enticed and inspired him. As Director of Employee Experience at PAE, a forward-thinking engineering firm, he pushed to enact a paid family leave policy for all staff. … read more.     Amir Hossein Maleki, MLER ’13, received a job as an Assistant Professor in the Business School at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he will be teaching several topics including Labor & Employment Relations. Amir is earning his Ph.D. in Business Administration and... read more

SMLR and the school’s faculty and staff have appeared in more than 250 news articles since May 2017. Highlights (in order of publication) include: The Los Angeles Daily News and its sister newspapers quoted Professor David Bensman in an article about the hardships facing port truckers.   Talent Economy interviewed Assistant Professor Sanghee Park about the latest trends in raises.   Distinguished Professors Joseph Blasi and Doug Kruse co-authored op-eds for Fortune and Tribune News Service drawing on their employee ownership research. Blasi also penned a column for The... read more

SMLR students impressed Wyndham Worldwide executives during the 2017 Human Resource Management Case Competition. The executives noted SMLR students’ professionalism, level of sophistication, confidence, and detailed presentations. ... read more.          MHRM student Curtis Edmonds’ article, “Lowering the Threshold: How Far Has the Americans with Disabilities Act Expanded Access to the Courts in Employment Litigation?” was published by the Journal of Law and Policy. Edmonds, who has 20 years of experience in providing legal, advocacy and... read more