Bernard Goldstein and Coralie Farlee Student Support Fund
Monday, May 01, 2023

Priority given to incoming students

The essence of this Fund is to further the recipient's understanding of the process and practice of unionization in the U.S. Interest areas include but are not limited to: employment law, conflict resolution, negotiation, collective bargaining, grievance processes, arbitration, minorities, women, immigration issues and work, work and social change, public sector vs. corporate ownership, and the role of media regarding union activities and status. This fund may be used to:

  • Sponsor field work or an internship for an undergraduate or graduate student with a stipend to support students pursuing an unpaid internship or pre-professional staff position at a labor union, central labor council, national union coordinating body, labor attorney firm, or related area or field; or
  • Provide scholarship to a master’s candidate pursuing a labor relations related major within the LSER Department or as tuition support for course credit in the master’s level or above; or
  • Support research in related areas; or
  • Support individuals pursuing union related training opportunities offered at Rutgers SMLR.

Special condsiderations: Furthering understanding of the process and practice of unionization in the U.S