Photo of Kasi Perreira

Kasi Marita Perreira (Farrar)

  • Director of Leadership and Organizational Change Programs, Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO)
Janice H. Levin Building, 94 Rockafeller Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8054

Bachelor of Arts in History, Minors in American Indian Studies, Labor Studies and Diversity, University of Washington (2001-2021)


Kasi Perreira (she/they) is an organizer, artist, loving partner and mama of two. Kasi joined CIWO as the Director of Leadership and Organizational Change Programs, where she is spearheading new initiatives for Build the Bench and WILL Empower. Kasi joins us from the West Coast, where she was the Director of Racial and Gender Justice at the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, the first position of its kind at a state labor federation. Bringing nearly 2 decades of organizing experience and thousands of new members into her union and movement overall. Kasi came from the rank-and-file of UFCW3000 where her last role was Organizing Director and Special Assistant to the President and had the privilege of working with United for Respect in its early formation with Walmart Associates as a National Coordinator.

Gunalchéesh sh yáa awudanéix’i! Gunałchéesh ho ho/Xwat Anushiik Ramapo Munsee Lunaape, Lenapehoking. Yak’éi yeexwsateení aan kaax heen yatx’u saani. Heen Shawat yoo xat duwasaakw. Dłeit káa x‘eináx Kasi Marita Perreira yoo xát duwasáakw.  Ch’aak naax xát sitee. Hoots hít áyá haa naa kahídi. Tdleité yádix xát sitee. Cháanwaan dachxán áyá xát. Cháanwaan áyá ax daakanóox’u. Xutsnoowú kwáan dáx áyá xát.

Thank you self respecting people reading this. I give thanks and lift my hands to the Anushiik Ramapo Munsee people and tribal nation, first people of New Jersey, Lenapehoking (join me in learning more at It’s good to see you precious children of the land and the water. I am Heen Shawat, which means Water Woman in my ancestors’ language Łingit from my father’s friend David, after his grandmother with the same name passed. I am called Kasi Marita Perreira in English. I am of the eagle moiety. Our clan house is bear. I am a child of the white man (English). I am a grandchild of China. My outer shell is Chinese and Tlingit. My people are from Angoon, AK.