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Heather Beson

  • Ph.D. Student, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Heather Beson is a Ph.D. student in the School of Management and Labor Relations. She earned her Master’s degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations from Rutgers University. Her broad research interests are in the intersection of feminism, race, and labor, as well as the future of work. Currently, her research focuses on issues of gender and race within entertainment gig work.

Prior to SMLR, she was a union audio engineer, primarily working in broadcast and live-to-air special events. During her Master’s degree, she was awarded the 2021 Martin Gerber Fellowship from the United Auto Workers, where she explored themes of gender within the union. Her Gerber project titled “Unconscious Bias and gender discrimination within the entertainment industry” explored the representation of women within predominantly male roles in entertainment.

Heather is a proud member of IATSE, IBEW, NABET, and AAUP-AFT.