Research Consultations/Reference Assistance

Are you working on a class assignment? Are you trying to find information for a research project? Do you need help with citing sources or getting started on projects? Please feel free to contact the Library Director, Julie Peters, to schedule a research consultation. Research consultations can cover how to start a research project, finding the most effective search strategy, using features of Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel, and/or any other question you might have regarding finding and using information.

Feel free to drop in as well. There will always be a staff member in the Library willing to assist you with your research and information needs.

Facilities and Hours

The Carey Library houses four desktop computers with printing capability. We also have six laptops for students to use within the Library, also with printing capability. Group study tables, as well as individual lounge chairs are available to accommodate your needs. The Library is open Monday-Friday. Please check the homepage for library hours.

Textbooks on Reserve

The Library has a small collection of textbooks that can be checked out. Depending on the course, some textbooks are allowed to be used outside of the Library, but most are to be used within the Library. Textbooks are currently on reserve for the following courses:

  • Collective Bargaining: 37:575:314
  • Development of the Labor Movement: 37:575:200
  • Introduction to Labor and Employment: 37:575:100
  • Personal Finance: 37:575:250

Interlibrary Loan

If the Library does not have access to a book or article that you are looking for, we can try to get it for you from another library.

Visit, to search availability through Rutgers’s Library partners, or request an Interlibrary Loan.

Office Hours in the Janice H. Levin Building

The Library Director, Julie Peters, is available by appointment only in the Levin Building, Suite 216F.