Faculty and Staff Directory

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Leave blank for all. Otherwise, the first selected term will be the default instead of "Any".
David G. Allen Chair, Department of Human Resource Management david.allen@rutgers.edu
Heather Allen Project Manager hjallen@smlr.rutgers.edu (848) 445-9436
Padma Arvind Director, Healthcare Talent Development Center parvind@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-4531
Shetal P. Asarpota IRHR Program Coordinator asarpota@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-5834
Patricia Barnett Associate Program Director pbarnett@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-5976
Laura Barrett-Hansen Senior Program Coordinator laura.barrett@rutgers.edu 848-445-4749
Virginia Becaccio Program Coordinator gbecaccio@epe.rutgers.edu 848-445-9429
Jerell Blakeley Career Management Specialist jblakeley@smlr.rutgers.edu 8489324767
Joseph R. Blasi Distinguished Professor blasi@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-5444
Dana Britton Professor db650@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-3499
William Brucher Teaching Instructor wbrucher@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-5586
Myriam Casseus Talent Network Manager (848) 445-9443
William G. Castellano
William G. Castellano Associate Dean, External Engagement castellano@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-9406
Tammy Chan Career Services Unit Specialist tchan@smlr.rutgers.edu 8484459458
Tracy F. H. Chang Associate Professor tracyc@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-1747
Arati Chaudhury Director, New Jersey Talent Network achaudhury@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-4748
Yan Chen Ph.D. Student yan.chen0716@rutgers.edu 848-445-4643
Dorothy Sue Cobble Distinguished Professor cobble@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-1742
Douglas J. Coffey Teaching Instructor douglas.coffey@rutgers.edu 848-445-5639
Julia Colvin Special Projects Coordinator & Assistant to the Dean jcolvin@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-445-9441
Ashley Conway
Ashley Conway Teaching Instructor aconway@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-2935
James M. Cooney Assistant Teaching Professor jacooney@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-8560
Ludine Daux Unit Administrator ludine@smlr.rutgers.edu 848-932-5472
Paige Dennis Program Coordinator paige.dennis@rutgers.edu 848-445-4744