SMLR Career Services & Opportunities

At SMLR, students have the option of participating in programs that explore strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) as well as Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER). In addition to these studies, students are provided assistance in their career pursuits through our Career Services.

Through SMLR Career Services, students can meet with recruiters from leading organizations and receive information on internships and job opportunities. In addition, students can schedule meetings to obtain overall career advice. Please click on the appropriate links below to visit our Career Services Webpages and contact the appropriate representative.

The items listed below are a summary of upcoming events. For a complete list of opportunities log into Rutgers SMLR CareerKnight located on the right of this page or visit

  • Company Presentations

    You MUST RSVP through Simplicity (SMLR CareerKnight). Seating is limited.

  • Internships

    Internships can be both paid as well as for credit. If your internship is paid, there are no formal requirements set forth by the School of Management and Labor Relations in regards to obtaining, accepting, and completing the internship. If you are interested in completing an internship for credit in the areas of human resource management and labor studies and employment relations, please carefully read through the requirements as specified on each program's pages.  

  • On Campus Interviews

    Students who apply for positions highlighted at company presentations may be selected for an on-campus interview with these companies. Students can interview with a company only if they are invited by the company of interest. Please check the OCR (On-Campus Recruiting) tab for these interviews and job postings. STUDENTS MUST APPLY ON THE SMLR CAREERKNIGHT SYSTEM AND BE SELECTED BY THE COMPANY IN ORDER TO SIGN UP TO INTERVIEW.

  • Current Events

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    January 2015

    January 22 
    Career Day Success Strategies (Professor Len Garrison)
    5-6.00pm Room: 106

    January 23
    Career Day Success Strategies (Ildi Koczan, Career Management Specialist)
    2-3.30pm Room: 106

    January 26
    Career Day Success Strategies (Nayana Vaidya, Career Management Specialist)
    2-3.30pm Room: 103

    January 27
    Resume Writing (Ildi Koczan)
    3-4.00pm Room: 103

    January 28
    Resume Writing (Nayana Vaidya)
    3-4.00pm Room: 106

    February 2015

    February 3
    Get the Job: Boot Camp (Ildi Koczan)
    3-7.00pm Room: LSC

    February 4
    SMLR Career Fair 
    8-4.00pm Room: LSC

    February 12
    Resume Writing (Ildi Koczan)
    2-3.30pm Room: 103

    February 17
    Resume Writing (Nayana Vaidya)
    2-3.00pm Room: 103

    February 19
    How to find an internship (Ildi Koczan)
    4.30-6.00pm Room: 106

    February 20
    Tea and Career Talk for International Students (Ildi Koczan)
    2-4.00pm Room: 217

    February 24
    Dress to Impress (Nayana Vaidya)
    2-4.00pm Room: 107

    February 26
    Mock Interview Workshop (Ildi Koczan)
    5-6.00pm Room: 106

    March 2015

    March 5
    Internship Panel (Nayana Vaidya)
    4-6.00pm Room: 106

    March 6
    Tea and Career Talk for International Students (Ildi Koczan)
    2-4.00pm Room: 217

    March 12
    Dining Etiquette (Ildi Koczan)
    5-7.00pm Room: LSC

    March 26
    Business Etiquette (Nayana Vaidya)
    4-5.00pm Room: 107

    March 27
    Job search strategies and Social Media (Ildi Koczan)
    2-3.30pm Room: 106

    April 2014

    April 7
    LinkedIn workshop (Nayana Vaidya) 
    2-3.00pm Room: 103

    April 9
    How to find jobs overseas (Ildi Koczan) 
    5-6.00pm Room: 106

    April 15
    Transition from school to work (Nayana Vaidya)
    2-3.00pm Room: 103

    April 17
    Tea and Career Talk for International Students (Ildi Koczan)
    2-4.00pm Room: 217

  • Past Events

    - General Electric Company Presentation - September 16, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 pm in LSC Room 111

    - United Technologies Corp Presentation - September 25, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 pm in LSC202

    - Thermo Fisher Scientific Presentation - September 26, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 pm in LSC 201

    - Career Fair & Alumni Panel - October 11, 2013

    - AT&T Presentation (Retail Leadership and Development Program) - October 24, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 pm in Labor Education Center (LEC), auditorium