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The evolution of the global economy has entered a new phase. As national boundaries have become more permeable and businesses’ local moorings loosened, transnational competition has challenged labor market institutions, triggered political realignments and shifted firm-level tasks worldwide. The Center for Global Work & Employment explores this transformation.
The Center for Global Work and Employment brings together Rutgers SMLR with the School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China. It was launched with a conference in 
March 2016 that probed the changing world of work through the rise of China. Given that China has been at the center of markets’ global integration, it provides an important entry point to a debate on trans-regional trends. The Center is now broadening its activities, launching an affiliate program and preparing a range of research projects. 


  • "Rethinking German Political Economy: Lessons for Comparative Theorizing after the Social Democratic Century" - August 30, 2017
    This workshop addresses how market shifts and policy adjustments have left rich democracies less effective in ensuring citizens’ welfare. Researchers will discuss the comparative political economy behind these changes by exploring the changing politics of Germany’s social market economy. This event is organized by Professor Sidney A. Rothstein from the University of Pennsylvania and Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven from Rutgers SMLR. View our call for papers. 
  • Work and Employment in the Platform Economy Conference - July 14-16, 2017
    This conference explores how recent advances in digital technology, particularly the massive growth in the volume of digitized information available and the vastly improved performance of data processing and modelling software, have driven a rapidly rising model of business—online platforms that connect thousands of suppliers and customers to form so-called two-sided markets.This event is organized in collaboration with Renmin University of China. Click here for the call for papers.   
  • Invited Talk: Human Resource Management in China by Professor Shuming Zhao from Nanjing University - April 3, 2017
    Professor Shuming Zhao is Chair Professor and Honorary Dean of the Nanjing University Business School in China. He is also a distinguished visiting professor at Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh and at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Professor Zhao is an internationally-known scholar in human resource management and multinational business management, and one of the pioneer scholars who introduced western human resource management theory to China. 
  • "Brave New Digital Work? Working Conditions in the Crowd" by Christine Gerber and Martin Krzywdzinski from the Berlin Social Science Center - March 2, 2017
    This event will focus on crowdwork platforms, a new model of digital work, and how they regulate and organize work within this anonymous and dispersed crowd. Researchers will discuss the working conditions within crowdworking, which is based on their interviews with representatives from crowdwork platforms, experts from trade unions and academia, and crowdworkers active on the platforms. 
  • The Global Transformation of Work: Market Integration, China’s Rise and Adaptation” - March 17-18, 2016 in New Brunswick, NJ 
    This conference addressed the evolution of the global economy and provided an important entry point to a debate on transregional trends. Ttwo paper streams were utilized. The first one focused on processes of interaction among collective actors, while the second one examined stakeholder choices within the context of multinational corporations (MNCs)
  • Shaping New Labor Policy, Germany Looks to Rutgers SMLR for Insights - May 2016
    Germany is tapping the expertise of the SMLR to inform national policy recommendations on the future of work. State Secretary Thorben Albrecht and a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs met with students and faculty members in Piscataway between stops in Boston, Washington and New York City.
  • American Political Science Association (APSA) Conference - August 2016
    SMLR Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven discussed the politics of higher education’s ongoing transformation and the policy lessons of recent reform attempts during the APSA's annual meeting. Professor Schulze-Cleven put the U.S. debate into the broader context of scholarship on comparative capitalism and welfare states, as seen in the video below.





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