SMLR Students and Alumni Proudly Represented During Rutgers Day 2012

Approximately 75,000 New Jersey residents came out to attend the University's annual celebration of Rutgers Day.

SMLR students have special photos taken during Rutgers Day.

The School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) was well represented by faculty, staff, alumni, and student volunteers from the Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) as well as the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER).


From young, future participants in the world of work to older, seasoned workers, numerous people stopped by SMLR's location to take part in our offerings. Among these activities were quizzes on workers' rights and career options, information on SMLR's programs, books by SMLR Professors Stan Gully and Jean Phillips, a face painter offering SMLR-branded artistry, and photo booth, where special SMLR photos were taken.


Above, SMLR student volunteers quiz visitors on Workers' rights during Rutgers Day.


If you missed SMLR at this year's Rutgers Day, you can relive the experience by viewing photos on our Facebook page, where you can also share your thoughts and photos of our events.


SMLR student volunteers proudly represent their school during Rutgers Day.