Professor Susan Schurman Completes Her Term As SMLR's Dean

Dean Susan Schurman is completing her term as Dean of Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations on July 31, 2015.  She will spend the next academic year on sabbatical leave, working on a number of research projects. After her sabbatical, she will rejoin the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations' faculty.

James Hayton, an internationally known academic scholar and leader, has been appointed dean of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. He will begin his appointment in August.

Dean Schurman says, "It has been a tremendous honor to serve as Dean of the best faculty in the world in HR and Labor Studies/Employment Relations, but I have a lot of research projects that I want to spend more time on, and I also look forward to teaching more. I'm very pleased to welcome James Hayton to SMLR and Rutgers. I know he'll do a great job moving us forward."

From left, SMLR Associate Deans Paula Voos and Susan Jackson present a gift to Dean Susan Schurman (farthest right) during the school-wide, end-of-the-year gathering on the Livingston campus. Dean Schurman completes her term as dean on July 31, 2015.