Professor Jessica Methot Partners with Atrion to Research Company’s Culture

Professor Jessica Methot recently partnered with Atrion to conduct research on the company’s culture of work and connectivity in the office setting.

Atrion, an IT Services Provider that designs, deploys and manages business-driven information technology solutions for AlwaysOn performance, has consistently been ranked as one of the best companies to work for in Rhode Island. In recent years, the company experienced a rapid growth but wants to ensure that it retains a positive culture.Jessica Methot

Professor Methot met with the Atrion CEO Tim Hebert, Director of People Services Nancy Contillo, and Director of Workforce Agility Jorge Garcia to discuss the research project. Together, they brainstormed ways to isolate some of the unique features of Atrion’s corporate culture by employing social network analysis—Professor Methot’s area of expertise that analyzes relationships between people.

“We plan to explore the informal network that underlies Atrion's formal organizational structure, which will provide a map of interpersonal communication and transactions that are not captured by the formal organizational chart, but that largely define how work actually gets done in organizations,” says Methot.

Professor Jessica Methot will begin collecting data from Atrion’s employees (via one-on-one interviews and electronic surveys) this July. Click here to learn more about Professor Jessice Methot.