International Federation of Workers' Education Association (IFWEA) 22nd International Conference

Professor Susan Schurman was reelected president of the International Federation of Workers’ Education Association (IFWEA) during the organization’s ​22nd ​international conference held December 2015 in Lima, Peru. During the event, Dr. Schurman moderated a workshop focused on “learning from the past: global history of workers’ education.” She was joined by Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble, who served as the keynote speaker, as well as Professors Adrienne Eaton, Carla Katz, and Marilyn Sneiderman, who attended the conference as presenters.

The IFWEA international conference, which is held every four years, provides worker educators and researchers the opportunity to meet and share their opinions, work, and resources. Delegates from IFWEA review and renew the organization’s purpose and programs and also discuss research and resources that equip labor associations with facing 21st century challenges. For more information on IFWEA, visit