"How are our networks and organizations dealing with sexual harassment?”

Building the Bench organized a spring webinar on Wednesday, March 28 2018. The webinar focused on "How are our networks and organizations dealing with sexual harassment?” We explored approaches and curriculum that were not “textbook” — but ones that focus more on the type of culture that we want to build and support in our organizations, networks and communities. Our goal was to share different approaches, share materials, foster discussion of real challenges and complexities, and generate new ideas and approaches. 

The webinar was led by two Building the Bench leaders, Joann Lo, Co-Director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Amy Carroll, Chief of Staff at the Center for Popular Democracy, who discussed the steps they have taken regarding sexual harassment-- including policies, training and overall change management within the culture they are building, both within their organizations and within their networks. They then opened the webinar to participants to discuss their challenges or successes. Participants discussed their challenges and successes in addition to their ideas and suggestions beyond the legal aspects of the topic – regarding steps to building a true culture of respect and dignity in the workplace.   

For more information, email CIWO@smlr.rutgers.edu.