Front Page News Coverage of SMLR Program

An article about SMLR’s innovative new certificate program, Leadership Development for Early Career Women, appears on the front page of the Wednesday, October 26 editions of the Asbury Park Press, Courier News/Home News Tribune, and Daily Record

APP Front page

The program – a partnership between SMLR’s Center for Women and Work and the school’s Executive and Professional Education group – is designed to empower women to reach management positions within their companies and stay on the leadership track.

“Issues such as work-life balance, pay gaps, and corporate culture all have weight in the leadership equation,” said Assistant Research Professor Terri Boyer, Executive Director of the Center for Women and Work. “We need to empower women and their workplaces with the knowledge and skills to address them.”

Leadership Development for Early Career Women is geared toward women who are three to five years into their career. Research shows this is the stage at which many women veer off a leadership track due to work-life concerns and other factors. 

To overcome these challenges and reach their full potential, participants are creating a Personalized Leadership Development Plan that encompasses personal branding, awareness of workplace culture, work-life integration, and networking.

“Helping organizations develop early career women for future leadership positions is a strategic and moral imperative for succeeding in our increasingly competitive and diverse 21st century workplace,” said Bill Castellano, Associate Dean of Executive and Professional Education. 

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