Dr. Jeannette Rogowski Compares Staffing In Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Dr. Jeannette Rogowski, professor of health economics at Rutgers School of Public Health, was a guest speaker at the Labor Education Center. During her talk, she explored the staffing and practice environments in a broad sample of neonatal intensive care units (NCIUs) in the U.S. and Italy, based on primary data collection. The implications for patient outcomes for infants with very low birth weights were explored. 

Little is known about multidisciplinary staffing patterns in neonatal intensive care units (NCIUs) and how those patterns influence patient outcomes. International comparisons provided insights into alternative models of multidisciplinary collaboration. 

Dr. Rogowski's talk was sponsored by: Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relatons’ (SMLR) Center for Work and Health and Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers). Organized by: Interdisciplinary Working Group, hosted by SMLR and Rutgers’ Center for European Studies. This event is a part of GAIA’s biennial Global Health! theme, which focuses on the global health connections that are apparent in all aspects of life.