Sharon Lydon

Center for HR and Leadership Development

Sharon Lydon is senior associate dean at Rutgers Business School (RBS), New Jersey, USA. Professor Lydon has as total of eight academic programs that report to her: Executive M.B.A, M.B.A. (full-time and part-time), M.B.A. in Professional Accounting, Masters in Accounting (Tax, Financial Accounting and Governmental Accounting), Masters in Quantitative Finance, and the Undergraduate Program in Newark, comprising a grand total of about 4,000 students. She is currently serving as the executive director of the M.B.A. program specifically. She successfully led the AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation for the entire Business School in 2010 and, as a member of the dean's executive committee, has been a key contributor to the strategic vision for the business school.

Professor Lydon teaches leadership in RBS's Executive M.B.A. Programs in China and conducts a module on global leadership at the E.M.B.A. program in New Jersey. Sharon has a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from George Washington University, with a research focus on entrepreneurial leadership. She has been awarded a master's and undergraduate degrees from Columbia University and Gettysburg College, respectively. Her corporate experience includes working in the Global Management Strategies and International Marketing departments at Estée Lauder Companies, New York, N.Y, and the consulting practice at Accenture.


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