Rob Moroni

Center for HR and Leadership Development

Rob Moroni is managing principal with Moroni Fantin, bringing health care and human resource solutions to global employers. His projects have included benefit design, labor strategies, succession planning, and compensation policy. Rob's strength as a certified public accountant (CPA) allows him to bring human capital solutions with a key understanding of the business necessities of an enterprise.

For more than 12 years, Rob held a senior leadership role at General Motors Corporation. Rob's responsibilities included all strategic and operational administration activities in support of more than 150 health care plans for more than 1.1 million lives. He led negotiations of health benefits with multiple unions and worked closely with providers, carriers and key community leaders to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care plans. In addition to being responsible for an annual budget of more than $5 billion, Rob also served as legal plan fiduciary, risk manager and HIPAA privacy officer.

Rob has had a strong presence in federal legislative and regulatory affairs and has worked on Medicare Part D and Health Care Savings Account legislation, among other issues. For many years he served on the board of directors and continues to work with The Leapfrog Group, which initiates breakthroughs in healthcare safety, quality and affordability.

Rob has master's degrees from the University of Michigan (MHSA) and the University of Detroit (M.B.A.).

Health Care Policy 360 - Employer-provided Health Care Considerations