Jeanine Nagrod

Assistant to the Dean
Office of The Dean
M.L.I.R., Rutgers University
B.A., Tufts University
 94 Rockafeller Road Piscataway, NJ 08854

Jeanine Nagrod has returned to Rutgers after six years working as Director of Thomas Edison State University’s Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning, a unit dedicated to expanding adults’ access to higher education by creating pathways from workplace and other non-college credited training to a college degree. Jeanine holds a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations degree from Rutgers and a bachelor of arts degree from Tufts University. During her 20+ year career she has been a union organizer, strategic researcher, program director, and grant specialist. Prior to working for Thomas Edison, Jeanine managed initiatives focused on the apprenticeship communities in Washington, DC, and New Jersey, including New Jersey Pathways Leading Apprentices to a College Education (NJ PLACE – a grant she managed for Rutgers) aimed at bridging the divide between academia and apprenticeship, as well as youth-focused education and outreach initiatives. She has extensive experience working collaboratively with workforce development, two- and four-year colleges, labor unions and labor-management training funds.