Fuxi Wang

Fuxi Wang
Ph.D. Candidate
B.S., Finance (Graduated with Honor), Renmin University of China (2011)
 50 Labor Center Way, Piscataway, NJ 08903

Fuxi Wang is a doctoral student at Rutgers University's School of Management and Labor Relations. Her primary research interests include labor relations and human resources in China, especially democratic management, a union based form of employee participation in Chinese context. Other interests include dispute resolution, strategic human resources management, employment participation and skill development.

Currently, Fuxi is working on her thesis that explores the performance implications of democratic management in China. Her current work is a part of a larger research agenda broadly focusing on alternative approaches to conflict resolution.

Fuxi is the member of Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) and Academy of Management (AOM). She presented her work on employee participation intention at International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP) conference in 2012 and will present her most recent work on labor disputes in China at International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) in 2013. She has published in several major academic Journals in China and wonNational Scholarship (top 2%) granted by China Ministry of Education in 2010.

Research Initiatives:

  • Employee participation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic human resources management
  • Skill development

Wang, Fuxi. 2010. “Collective Labor Disputes and the Changing Characteristics of Mass Incidents in China,” Journal of China Institute of labor Relations, No.6. pp. 80-85.

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