David Knowlton

Center for HR and Leadership Development

David Knowlton currently serves as chairman of the Leapfrog Group, a nationally recognized foundation committed to reduce medical errors and improve the quality of patient care throughout the United States. He has served as a member of the National Quality Forum's (NQF) Steering Committees for Standardizing Cardiac Surgery Performance Measures, Assessing ACE Inhibitors and ARBS as Quality Measures. He was recently appointed to the Patient Safety Indicators Steering Committee.

Knowlton co‐chaired the NQF Steering Committee on Stroke Measures and served as the Deputy Commissioner of Health for the State of New Jersey from 1987 to 1990. He also served on the Commissioner's Long Term Care Task Force and New Jersey's Health Data Advisory Committee. He currently serves on the Commissioner's Quality Improvement Advisory Committee. He has been recommended by the United States Trustee and appointed by the court as a "Patient Care Ombudsman" to protect patient rights and quality in three health care bankruptcy proceedings.

Knowlton has been a leader and advisor in health issues in New Jersey and nationally since 1977. He founded and served as executive director of the Health Care Payers Coalition of New Jersey, a non‐profit corporation representing business and labor organization who provide healthcare.

He currently serves as a permanent member of the Coalition's Board and Executive Committee. He has served as a vice president of the Medical Inter‐Insurance Exchange (MIIX), a medical malpractice company owned by the Medical Society of New Jersey. David Knowlton is currently the president and CEO of the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute. Founded by the Coalition, the Institute is dedicated to eliminating medical errors and improving health care quality.

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