Career Services: U.S. Resume Writing and Networking Practices for International Students

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
JL 221

Audience: SMLR International Students


As a student seeking employment or other advanced opportunities, your resume, CV and cover letter will be needed tools prepared for the purpose of strategically presenting your qualifications. Addressing the needs of the reader while displaying appropriate credentials is the key balance to strike in these documents.

This workshop will cover important basic strategies to effectively structure each of these documents as it pertains to a variety of disciplines and career fields. We will also present content on how to maximize your documents to appeal towards diverse target audiences, and considerations for when each of these documents would be appropriate for use in academia or in industry. This workshop will also cover how to identify and initiate alumni and professional connections, and how to guide the conversations using an information interviewing approach. Initiating and developing effective relationships with alumni and professionals in your field and industry is a powerful networking tool to create career connections and to learn about potential internship and job opportunities.