Leadership Development for Early Career Women

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Who Should Attend: 

Women 3-5 years into their career who have been identified by management or a sponsor at their organization as having high potential for leadership development. Curriculum content targets all women in the workforce, including those from diverse backgrounds.

Program Benefits: 

Early career is the best time for potential women leaders to identify and develop the skills needed to map potential pathways and advance to the top – filling gaps in the diverse leadership pipeline. This Executive and Professional Education (EPE) and Center for Women and Work (CWW) joint certificate program boosts the talent pipeline by addressing that need at both the individual and organizational level.


  • Customized for groups of employees and offered on-site at your location.
  • Four one-day sessions, offered over a four month period. 
  • Participants will build a personalized leadership development plan through module components, with mentoring and assistance from peer coaching groups.  Additionally, this program focuses on career navigation and planning, work and life in an innovation economy, and maximizing social networks to enhance leadership skills. The program will conclude with a Capstone Leadership Panel.

Credit Available:





Modules include:

Module One: Exploring Women, Work and Leadership and Developing Your Brand

The first module introduces general concepts of leadership development, particularly as they relate to women early in their careers. Participants will engage in an intensive training that defines Career Branding and identify essential components to implementing branding strategies into a professional’s career. Participants will gain skills, strategies and techniques that can help lead to personal and career success, including securing mentors, sponsors and advocates. Participants will begin mapping their own leadership paths with the introduction of personalized leadership development plans and personal vision statements, and will be assigned to facilitated peer coaching groups.

Module Two: Understanding Your Workplace Culture

The second module explores workplace culture and its impact on women’s leadership and advancement. The training introduces diversity and inclusion concepts, including assessing organizational and individual cultural competency. Participants will learn to identify and respond to unconscious bias in their workplace interactions. Participants will also discuss the behavioral double-bind for women leaders, and techniques like code-switching. Peer coaching group discussions will focus on personal reflection and experience, and will work to hone their vision statements and guiding principles.

Module Three: Work and Life in an Innovation Economy

Module three is an in-depth look at work-life issues in our hyper-competitive economy through the lens of women leaders. Participants will explore the concepts of work-life “balance”, “conflict” and “integration”, as well as the impact of generational differences on approaches to work-life issues. Lastly, they will explore the role of organizational leaders in supporting work and life. Peer coaching groups will work with facilitators on integrating work and life into their personalized leadership development plans, and formulate SMART goals. 

Module Four: Social Networks, Personalized Plans, and Capstone Leadership Panel

On the final day of programming, participants will explore the intricacies of social networks dynamics and their impact on leadership development. Participants will also present their personalized leadership plans in their peer coaching groups, and share experiences with the whole cohort. The day culminates in a keynote and panel session featuring women leaders who will share their stories, lessons learned, and recommendations for early career women. Participants will be joined by their sponsors for the keynote and panel, as well as presentation of their certificates. 

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