Center for Women and Work team


Q: How demanding is this program for time?

A: The WINGS program requires a relatively small commitment of time over the course of the one academic year. There are 8 formal events you will be expected to attend. These events usually occur about once a month, and last about 2-3 hours (excluding transportation time for those events held onsite at your sponsor’s corporate offices). Additionally, there will be 2-3 required skills workshops designed to help you develop and refine the professional skills necessary to succeed in a professional career. Outside of these events and workshops, the one-on-one mentoring relationships are not structured. It is up to the mentor-mentee pair to determine by what means (in-person, email, phone, etc.) and how frequently they will interact. However, we strongly recommend and encourage face-to-face interaction between the mentor-mentee pairs as often as possible. 

Q: How do I earn the one credit?
A: The one credit is earned through successful completion of the program. The credit will be issued at the end of the spring semester.


Q: What if an event is scheduled during the time I have class?
A: You are still expected to attend WINGS program events, even if you have a class that meets during the same time. When this happens, you can request a letter from the Program Director written to your professor, informing her/him about the event and asking her/him to excuse your absence from class. In the history of this program, we’ve not heard of a single professor penalizing a student for missing class to attend a WINGS event. In fact, we often receive emails from professors confirming that their students are excused and that they think it’s wonderful their students participate in programs like WINGS. 

Q: I work part-time and might be scheduled to work during an event. Should I still apply?
A: Yes, you should still apply – holding a part-time job will not automatically exclude you from consideration for the program. However, if you are selected to participate, you will be given a calendar listing all WINGS formal events and skills workshops and you will be asked to make arrangements with your employer in advance to attend these events. You will not be excused from an event or workshop because you failed to request time off in advance. 

Q: How do I communicate with my mentor?
A: In past years the preferred way of communication has been email. However, for some mentor-mentee pairs phone calls have worked as well. In any case, it is a good idea to discuss it and establish the boundaries in the beginning of the relationship. 

Q: I am in an honors program. Do you think it is feasible to balance the demands of both the WINGS Program and the honors program? 
A: Yes, absolutely! The WINGS Program does not currently entail an academic curriculum, so there are no weekly assignments, exams, etc. The only obligation you will have as a participant is to attend the program’s formal events and skills workshops, and interact with your mentor as often as you both agree. 

Q: I am a part-time student. Am I still eligible to apply?
A: Yes, part-time students are still eligible to apply, and will need to meet the same requirements as full-time students for acceptance into the program. This means that if you are a part-time student because you hold a full-time job, you will still be required to attend all WINGS program events and workshops. 

Q: What if I have other questions that haven’t been asked or answered by this list? Who should I contact?
A: If you still have questions about the WINGS program or whether you should apply, please contact us.