Time Management Tips

A photograph of a ticking clock.

It’s another day, but did you accomplish what you wanted to or needed to? 

Did you utter the words – “I don’t have time to think?  What can I  do? 

Here are some great time management tips that may work for you!

  • The simple act of writing the list out of your head begins to calm the brain, so you can see how it might be possible to get it all done. Take this list and break down the big projects into tasks.  Sometimes we procrastinate from doing the “project” on our “to do” list because we can’t see how to break into it and move it forward. A tip from David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, recommends that if you have something that can be done in 2 minutes—do it now.
  • Your “to do” list can be taken to another level. Make a few columns, so you can keep all of your similar information together. In column 1, ask yourself  if I were uninterrupted, how long would it take me to complete this task and put the estimated time in that column.

No one said that you had to do it all. Look to see who can help you. Everyone is busy. Recognize this; however, also recognize that there are people who want to help you and could benefit from the experience of working on something that is not a part of their everyday activities. This works in both personal and work areas. Ask and you might be surprised at how others are willing to help you.

  • Before you can become successful, one must know what success means and looks like for themselves. Make sure you are clear on your destination. Create a vision board and keep it visible.
  • Prioritize your time and the importance relative to each item. This does not mean that a person or item is not important to you. It does mean that as an individual you must choose what is worthy of your time in relation to your output and overall results.
  • Create a “stop doing” list -  Author Jim Collins suggests this for those things you have always “said” you want to stop doing then add to the list the things you know you need to stop doing. Go one step further. Estimate how much of your time, minutes, and hours you spend currently doing these things then add up those minutes. What would you do with those minutes if you had them added back to your day? Now create that list.
  • It is true, you always can find the time for the things you really want to do. Do you have a wish list? Dream Big. It takes the same amount of effort to think small as it does to think big. It is difficult to fit things into your schedule, but you must schedule things into your schedule. This is true time management.