Select Rutgers Undergraduate Electives for Spring 2021


Are you looking for an elective to complete your schedule for Spring 2021?

Check out these open courses that address current issues and challenges facing society today. Register via Rutgers WebReg.

37:575:301  Labor & Democracy
Tobias Schultz-Cleven
Remote, Wednesdays 9:50am-12:50pm

37:575:313  Technological Change & Work
Helen Liu
Remote, Wednesdays 6:10-9:00pm

37:575:355  Current Labor Problems
Lisa Schur
Remote, Thursdays 12:00-3:00pm

37:575:367  Emotional Intelligence at Work
Anne-Michelle Marsden
Fully online

37:575:375  Benefits & Social Insurance
William Dwyer
Remote, Tuesdays 3:55-6:55pm

37:575:377  Democratic Workplaces
Adria Scharf
Remote, Tuesdays 7:15-10:05pm

37:575:481  Topics:  Interpersonal Conflict at Work
Ryan Greenbaum
Fully online