Select Rutgers Undergraduate Electives for Fall 2020


Are you looking for an elective to complete your schedule for Fall 2020?

Check out these open courses that address current issues and challenges facing society today. Register via Rutgers WebReg.

People, Work and Organizations (37:575:230)
How and why is the way we work changing? Will people be returning to a physical office environment sooner or later? This course is a good place to begin your understanding of corporations and other organizations that you may work for someday.

Employment Discrimination Law (37:575:316)
Current anti-discrimination law reflects the successes and failures of the earlier Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Movement. Learn the current law and consider future changes that may be needed given the issues raised today by the Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements.

Immigration Law (37:575:318)
Immigrants may be dreamers, refugees from war or oppression, or those seeking a better economic future. Employers of immigrants both are seeking inexpensive labor for some jobs and highly skilled professionals for other jobs. Understanding the complexity of current immigrant law is both fascinating and useful in contemporary debates about immigration.

Occupational Safety and Health (37:575:338)
Are companies and supervisors doing enough to protect their employees from the Coronavirus at work? If you are a manager, how can you be sure that everyone – customers as well as workers – are safe? And how to do the issues related to COVID-19 reflect the long-term struggles for safe and healthy places in which we work?

Organizational Behavior (37:624:345) 
Are you interested psychology and how people interact with one another? Organizational behavior is a great place to start the study of people and groups of people at work – whether they work in small business, large corporations, or the public sector.