Programs & Activities

Dr. Padma Arvind, Director of the New Jersey Health Care Talent Network


NJ Health Care Industry Week

NJ HCTN organizes an annual New Jersey Health Care Industry Week in order to educate New Jersey residents about job and career opportunities in the health care sector. Health Care Industry Week is an opportunity to showcase the importance and demand of careers in the healthcare field, bring awareness of the different professions and motivate people to learn and become part of the healthcare workforce.

Community Health Worker Training Program (Opportunity4Jersey)

Developed standardized curriculum, recruit, train jobseekers as community health workers and work with employer partners for employment placement as CHWs to assist with reducing readmission rate, decrease healthcare cost and assist in DSRIP projects.

Employer – Providers Partnerships & Engagement

HCTN engage on a consistent basis with employers and training providers through monthly meetings and support on employer programs.  HCTN staffs are also actively engage in employer coalitions, taskforces and meetings.

Seminars, Panel & Conferences

HCTN host monthly seminars, healthcare panel discussions and conferences on health care topics ranging from Health IT, Direct & Long-term Care Support Services, Diversity in Health Care and more.

Health Care Career - Job Fair

HCTN engages jobseekers by providing various avenues to meet and network with employer and training partners and peers to support their transition to employment.  Professional development workshops are also offered to jobseekers to refine their resumes, learn proper etiquette for interviews & follow-up.

  • Career Workshops
  • Meet & Greet – Health Care Networking
  • Lunch & Learn Series
  • Job Fairs (in collaboration with various employer and training partners in Healthcare)