Policy Guide

NOTE:  This guide is for informational purposes only and does not completely reflect the ruling policies for the HRM Undergraduate Programs. Students are advised that this document is updated only periodically and more relevant information is available on the individual SMLR web pages.  Any
questions regarding the policies contained in this document or on the website may also be verified with either the Director of the HRM Undergraduate Program or the HRM Student Counselor. Further, the policies contained within this document are subject to change at the discretion of the HRM
Undergraduate Director and the HRM Department faculty members.

View our Policy Guide here:

  • HRM Undergraduate Programs Departmental Policy Guide (For use by HRM Students)

The Policy Guide is Currently under Revision and unavailable at this time.  Any questions regarding policy may be addressed to the SMLR HRM Undergraduate Staff, Rebecca Tinkham, tinkham@smlr.rutgers.edu or Grace Tien, stien@smlr.rutgers.edu.