NJHTDC Nursing Track

The focus of the nursing track is to: Increase the pool of certified or licensed employees in high demand nursing care jobs through the creation of quality programs implemented in partnership with HTDC partners funded by HCTDC; and, Provide incumbent employee specialized training in high demand practice areas that allows these employees to find fulltime work that may lead to a higher salary and greater job security. Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Preparing RN's and CHHA's for medication delegation by CHHA's in home health as a result of changes to the Board of Nursing regulations 3/7/16
  • Working with colleges and universities to create a CHHA certification program that grants college credit using the fundamentals of nursing program
  • Partnering with hospitals, colleges and universities to identify high demand specialty nursing roles and create/fund programs to prepare new graduates or current employees to move into specialty areas and take national certification

NJHTDC Community Health Worker (CHW) Track

As our healthcare delivery system becomes more prevention focus and patient centered care, research and best practice models have shown that incorporating CHW's (Community Health Workers) in the delivery system can help bridge the health disparities gaps and get important health information and resources into the communities, along with positive financial impact (cost-saving benefits) of CHW's on health care systems and policies. CHW's can play an important role in a variety of health, social service and community organizations--ranging from working with nurses and social workers to reduce hospital re-admissions to providing empowering community outreach and education. They often help link people to needed health care information and services.
The CHW Training program works with the Department of Labor to screens qualified job-seekers from the One-Stop centers. Candidates are screened based on educational background, interest in the healthcare field and passion in working within their communities. Once qualified candidates have been identified through one-on-one interviews, they undergo 160 hours of quality structured training. The training focuses on health education, health promotion, & specific skills for work in underserved, low income and/or non-English speaking communities. Participants from the training program will gain enhanced educational and employability skills in areas of outreach, case management, field workers, outreach workers, health education, etc.

NJHTDC Healthcare-IT Track

The focus of the Health Care-IT track is to increase the pool of certified or licensed employees in high demand Billing, Coding, Clinical Documentation, and Healthcare Information Management (the practice of acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical information) jobs through quality programs and associated apprenticeship or On the Job Training (OJT) that will allow employees full time work as well as earn credits towards further education and earn higher salary and greater job security.

  • Determine requirement for Competency Based Training for a Data Analyst Analyst* and or Business Analyst ** 
  • Determining the pathway and credentials needed from Coding or Document Analysis to Data Analyst and Business Analyst
  • Determine the Apprenticeship partners to execute the training per employers needs
  • Partnering with hospitals, universities and partners to identify DA and BA programs to prepare new graduates or current employees to move in these growing areas.

* Data Analyst is responsible for documenting the types and structure of the business, data analyzing and mining business data to identify patterns and correlations among the various data points, mapping and tracking data from system to system in order to solve a given business or system problem.

** A Business Analyst interfaces between clinical or business units and the information technology/management department. The BA analyzes the business processes, procedures, and organization structure in order to identify problems and determine solutions