Each week, Professor Jessica Methot meets with approximately 80 Rutgers undergraduate students in Lucy Stone Hall, where she shares the tools and techniques needed to strategically manage employees in her Introduction to Human Resource Management class. While Professor Methot enjoys the engaging teacher-student dialogue and insightful questions that come with leading the popular course, she was once faced with a difficult challenge, one that plagues many instructors within today’s tech-oriented society—how to curtail social loafers.  “When I joined the University last year, there were... read more

On December 9, approximately 85 people gathered at Rutgers’ Labor Education Center to attend the 7th annual Labor and Management Conference, addressing what labor and management need to know about the impact of the healthcare reform. Led by guest speakers from within the healthcare industry and organized by the School of Management and Labor Relations’ Labor Education and Research Now (LEARN), the conference allowed attendees to raise questions, share insights, and offer solutions on improving New Jersey’s healthcare delivery and payment. “If you haven’t already done so, then you may one... read more

By Dorothy Sue Cobble and Michael Merrill Published in The Star-Ledger, Sunday, December 18, 2011 Occupy Wall Street is not the first movement to use occupation as a protest tactic. Nor is it the first to use creative political theater to overcome political paralysis and hold elected officials accountable for their inaction. In April 1936, unemployed men and women in New Jersey occupied the state Assembly chamber in Trenton and called themselves the “Army of the No-Occupation.” They acted to protest the state Legislature’s unwillingness to provide funds for the poor and unemployed... read more

Elaine Kovac Stroud has joined us as SMLR's Assistant Dean of Business and Administration. Elaine is a Rutgers alumna and has more than 12 years of leadership experience and proven skills in successful office management. She has held a variety of business positions at Rutgers since 2000. Elaine joins us from the division of Undergraduate Education, where she spent five years as Undergraduate Education's Director of Business and Administration. In Undergraduate Education, Elaine established the business office through the Transformation of Undergraduate Education and developed it into a... read more

With the fall semester in full swing, we have entered a season marked by many new beginnings, including my own start as acting dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations.It is a pleasure and honor to provide leadership for the school. As a long-time SMLR faculty member, I will draw from our past successes to continue the school’s record of outstanding scholarship in the fields of human resource management, labor studies and employment relations as well as offering leading programs of study for our students. ... Read more.