When electing to take the course, Work, Society, and Quality of Life, Rutgers’ undergraduate students join a dynamic class marked by in-depth group discussions. The culmination of the course—and perhaps most entertaining portion—comes in the form of a multi-faceted final project, involving a simulated testimony to a Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security and a fictitious guest worker bill. On December 6, students in the fall 2011 semester of Work teamed to partake in their final presentation. Highlighted by vibrant, oral arguments and lively cross examinations... read more

On December 2—3,  a group of SMLR faculty from the Labor Studies and Employment Relations department presented the preliminary results of their study, “Trade Union Responses to Representing Workers in The Informal Economy,” at an American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS) conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The SMLR delegation was led by Acting SMLR Dean Sue Schurman and LSER department Department Chair Adrienne Eaton, who serve as the co-principal investigators for the ACILS-sponsored study. Professors Janice Fine, Dorothy Sue Cobble and Tracy Chang were also included... read more

  On December 16, SMLR faculty and staff gathered to recognize esteemed current and/or former colleagues--former SMLR Dean David Finegold, Professor Steven Director, and Joanne Mangels--during the school's annual holiday gathering. Professor Finegold, who recently completed a five-year term as SMLR's dean and is now Rutgers' senior vice president for Lifelong Learning and Strategic Growth Initiatives. His responsibilities include overseeing all off-site, online, international continuing, and executive education programs. Working with Vice President for International and Global Affairs... read more

On December 4, Professor Bill Castellano, director of the undergraduate Human Resource Management (HRM) program, was awarded honorary membership into the University’s Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success during an induction ceremony in Scott Hall. Professor Castellano was recognized by the student-led society for embodying the society’s mission of helping people discover and achieve their goals and demonstrating leadership qualities in a professional capacity. “It is truly an honor to be recognized for my teaching and leadership skills by our students,” says Professor... read more

Each week, Professor Jessica Methot meets with approximately 80 Rutgers undergraduate students in Lucy Stone Hall, where she shares the tools and techniques needed to strategically manage employees in her Introduction to Human Resource Management class. While Professor Methot enjoys the engaging teacher-student dialogue and insightful questions that come with leading the popular course, she was once faced with a difficult challenge, one that plagues many instructors within today’s tech-oriented society—how to curtail social loafers.  “When I joined the University last year, there were... read more