On October 19, Jeffrey Keefe “debunked the myth of the over-compensated public employee” at an information session held at the Learning Education Center in New Brunswick. SMLR students, alumni, and friends of the school attended the event, organized by the SMLR Alumni and Friends Association. Keefe referenced his many research studies that compare the annual wages of public and private workers in several states, including New Jersey. Keefe offered suggestions for why public employees are often perceived to be overcompensated. He stressed that public employees earn more in benefits such as... read more

Heather McKay, from SMLR's Center for Women and Work, discusses why it's important to provide training for women that fits into their schedules and how this can help support their families. Watch the video from Rutgers Today. read more

On October 3, 2011, approximately 40 students from the Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program gathered in the Janice Levin Building to learn about internship and employment opportunities at Johnson & Johnson. Pamela Cash, a 2008 MHRM graduate and the event’s guest speaker, shared her experiences as a SMLR student, current Johnson & Johnson manager, and graduate of Johnson & Johnson’s Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP). Following the presentation, Cash, along with senior leaders at Johnson & Johnson, met individually with each student during... read more

The program offers moral support and bolsters skills needed to meet the challenges of today's labor movement By Carrie Stetler, Rutgers Today It didn’t matter that Rutgers teaching assistant Megan Geerdts belongs to a union set in academia, and the other women she met on Monday were postal workers, transit workers, and plumbers.At the Northeast Regional Summer School for Union Women, held last week at Rutgers Labor Education Center, she felt an immediate sense of solidarity. “Their saying is, ‘never let a sister walk alone. From the beginning, there was so much camaraderie,’’’ said... read more

  SMLR's third annual Labor Scorecard is now available. View the results.