May 21-22, 2018 On May 21 and 22, 2018, Rutgers University’s Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO) held a convening of many of the country’s most eminent strategic enforcement experts. Comprised of scholars, former senior-level Wage and Hour personnel, local and state enforcement practitioners, and community partners engaged in strategic enforcement collaborations, the group came together to share experiences and lessons learned with the goal of laying the foundation for training curricula that advances strategic enforcement with state and local agencies and helps community... read more

By Steve Flamisch Karen White and Yarrow Willman-Cole have spent years educating policymakers about earned sick leave and its potential to help New Jersey’s working families, businesses, and communities. Fittingly, they had the best view in the house when it became state law. Governor Phil Murphy signs earned sick leave into law at the Trenton War Memorial on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. (Courtesy: NJOIT/Governor's Office.) Governor Phil Murphy invited White and Willman-Cole, of SMLR’s Center for Women and Work, to stand with him at the signing ceremony in Trenton on May 2. With... read more

We were joined by Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) supporters and special guests as well as students' families and friends on May 12, 2018 to celebrate the more than 900 students who graduated from the SMLR this year. Highlights from our Convocation brunch and ceremony are captured in the videos below.  read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (May 14, 2018) – In companies with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), the average worker has accumulated $134,000 in wealth from his or her stake, according to new research by professors Joseph Blasi and Douglas Kruse of the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. Blasi and Kruse provided research and policy analysis during the drafting of the Main Street Employee Ownership Act, a bill that would make it easier for retiring business owners to sell to their employees through an ESOP or... read more

By Steve Flamisch Adrienne Eaton, a nationally renowned labor studies expert with 30 years of research and teaching experience at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, has accepted a three-year appointment as dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR). She has served as interim dean since July 2017. “I am excited to continue leading the school to which I have devoted my career, particularly at this moment when work and employment relations are undergoing a number of important and often problematic transformations,” Eaton said. Eaton researches the complex and... read more