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The overarching goal of New Jersey’s Talent Development (NJHTDC) strategy is to increase the number of residents with an industry-valued credential or degree. This goal will be achieved through the development of High Quality, Employer-Driven Partnerships, and integrated investments. New Jersey is focusing investments and programs on building partnerships that provide career pathways to jobseekers and students and help increase the number of individuals with an industry-valued credential in New Jersey’s very strong healthcare sector.


Equip unemployed and incumbent workers with high-quality standardized healthcare training programs in the State of NJ, individualized counseling, and supportive services.


  1. Serve as conveners for expanded high-quality , employer driven partnerships
  2. Drive the development of career pathways and determine industry-recognized credentials via information collected from employer partnerships
  3. Develop and standardize healthcare curricula throughout the state of New Jersey
  4. Provide healthcare industry focused training for dislocated workers and current employed/incumbent workers
  5. Develop basic workforce readiness programs, including national credentials tied to contextual job skills
  6. Vocational training aligned to employer needs – real skills for real jobs leading to stackable national and industry recognized credentials
  7. Culminating in On-The-Job Learning and other work experience programs. This holistic approach ensures that training is tied to real jobs in NJ’s healthcare sector and allows individuals to continue building their skillset throughout their career

Healthcare Talent Network builds high quality employer partnerships, and committees on curriculum development which helps the TDC to understand the need and skills gaps.


  1. New Jersey Health Care Talent Network (NJHCTN)
  2. Apprenticeship Programs
  3. Job Development Programs
  4. Pathways and Industry Recognized Credentials
  5. Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition
  6. United Nations Task Force: Sustainability of CHW in Newark
  7. Atlantic City Project
  8. Skills4Jersey

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  1. Physician Survey: As part of Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition we are assisting Barnabas to conduct a survey of primary care providers in Greater Newark area. The purpose is to better understand current and projected primary care capacity in Greater Newark area. Additionally the GNHC will like to learn more about basic practice characteristics of primary care practices in Greater Newark and to understand incentives or barrier to practice in Newark. 
  2. Nursing Survey: NJHTDC will undertake a survey of employers to determine the need for special programs to prepare new graduate RNs and current RNs for work in specialty areas. The goal is to better understand the need for specialty care nurses by specialty, work site and geographically throughout the state to develop programs to meet the current and future employer needs.
  3. Skill Gap Needs Assessment Survey: New Jersey Health Care Talent Network at Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations is conducting this survey to assess the training needs of healthcare organizations. The survey response will help us determine how we can partner with employers in providing partial funding from the Department of labor and Workforce Development to fulfill the needs. 

    The survey has 5 parts:

  •  PART 1: Company Information
  •  PART 2: Training and Development Information
  •  PART 3: Industry Recognized Skills & Competencies Information
  •  PART 4: Required Skills & Competencies Information
  •  PART 5: Survey Responders and Primary Contact Information

The information provided will contribute to the design and standardization of training curriculum, workforce development, top industry occupations, research and funding and support.


  1. Widespread Press Coverage of SMLR’s New Program to Fight the Opioid Epidemic - NBC New York and newsrooms across New Jersey reported on the launch of our Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) apprenticeship program, an important step in the state’s ongoing efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. Read more
  2. Health Care Industry Summit - is an opportunity to showcase the importance and demand of careers in the healthcare field, bring awareness of the different professions and motivate people to learn and become part of the healthcare workforce. 
  3. Regional High Quality Employers Partnership Meetings -  In June 2016, the Christie Administration hosted a High Quality Partnership Summit where more than 300 business, education and workforce development stakeholders met to discuss and develop strategies for strengthening New Jersey’s workforce and the state’s key industries. Read Press Release
  4. TDC Curriculum Committee Meeting with Partners - June 2016
  5. Presentation at US DOL Accelerator Apprenticeship Summit - July 2016


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