Module 1 – Tools for Managing the Human Side of Work: Emotional Intelligence; Identifying, preparing for and succeeding in difficult conversations - Kathleen Cashman

Managing is not a series of mechanical tasks but a set of human interactions. Effective manager-leaders are adept at responding to crises, handling stress, and maintaining optimism in the face of challenges. They also are skilled at understanding the perspectives of others, building morale, and communicating with respect and empathy while building and strengthening relationships that work.

This session covers the concepts of building managerial strength and resilience, as it relates to the work environment and the skills involved in demonstrating the human interaction competencies within the context of work situations.

Upon completion of this module participants will be able to:

  • Manage oneself to then help manage situations involving others
  • Develop the awareness of self and others that help focus on building relationships with every conversation
  • Build the resilience to manage the changes today and tomorrow, as well as help support the team in building resilience as well
  • Practice skills to help strengthen interactions across the team and across the organization
  • Develop strategies that will manage the resistance within the situation while preserving the relationships
  • Build the critical success factor strength that will help you maneuver today’s climate of change
  • Listen mindfully, you can keep your employees more engaged, foster the discovery of new ideas, and hear what you need to hear in a discussion rather than what you expect to hear
  • Take action to be able to build their images as a strong, confident as well as caring and insightful leader