LSER Undergraduate Learning Objectives

LSER Department Goals for Its Undergraduate Students, Rutgers Core Curriculum Goals, and SMLR Learning Objectives

Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department Goals*

Rutgers Undergraduate Core Curriculum

SMLR Learning Objective

1. Demonstrate an understanding of perspectives, theories, and concepts

Social analysis goal m


2. Apply those concepts, along with substantive institutional knowledge, to contemporary developments

Social analysis goal n


3. Assess and critique relevant evidence and research findings

Social analysis goals h and i


4. Make an argument using contemporary or historical evidence

Social analysis goal h and Writing & Communication goal s


5. Access high-quality historical, qualitative, and/or quantitative evidence

Cognitive skills goals y and z


6. Analyze the degree to which forms of human difference shape a person’s experience of work

21st Century Challenge goal a


7. Analyze contemporary global issues using multiple perspectives

21st Century Challenge goal b


8. Analyze issues of social justice both in the U.S. and globally

21st Century Challenge goal d


9. Communicate complex ideas, in standard written English, to a general audience

Writing & communication goal s


10. Communicate effectively to others in the field of labor and employment relations

Writing & communication goal t


11. Analyze and synthesize information or ideas from multiple sources to develop new insights

Writing & communication goal v


12. Formulate, evaluate and communicate conclusions and inferences from quantitative information

Quantitative & formal reasoning goal w


13. Work productively in teams, in social networks, and on an individual basis




*All goals refer to matter related to work or to the field of labor and employment relations.