Leading High Performing Teams & Promoting Motivation and Engagement


Leading High Performing Teams

Empowerment and collaboration can play powerful roles in improving an organization’s performance and in building and sustaining competitive advantage.  As leaders, we must create a culture and work environment where employees effectively become owners of an organization’s success.  This session will cover the essential elements and the team-building process, factors which contribute to winning teams, group-decision making, the process to put team building theory into practice and the detrimental effects of internal competition on achieving organizational success.


Promoting Motivation and Engagement

Motivation and engagement drive discretionary effort in employees which in turn increases organizational performance.  Leaders must be able to elicit this “going above and beyond” behavior from their employees to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.  However employee motivation and engagement differ among diverse and multigenerational individuals.  Leaders have to create a culture of engagement that motivates all employees to consistently and sustainably perform at high levels even as unanticipated change occurs. This session will focus on the leader’s role and the tools needed to tap into those individual employee needs and turn them into enhanced organizational results.