HR’s Response to COVID-19: Forum 1, May 2020

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Perspectives on COVID-19 and the World of Work

The School of Management and Labor Relations Alumni Association (SMLRAA) hosted its first virtual forum on HR’s Response to COVID-19 on May 12, 2020. Paul Mastrangelo (GMLR) moderated the panel and asked insightful questions to our three excellent panelists. Meeta Srivastava (GMLR), Tennille McCoy (GMLR), and Tinique Peery Pitts (SMLR) discussed how their organizations and teams responded to COVID-19.

While all are experienced HR professionals, responding to COVID-19 was something very unprecedented in their career. Despite the challenges, they provided great insights on how to engage and communicate to their teams and the company, as well as insights on how COVID-19 changed the future of work. 

We thank each of the panel participants for their contributions to SMLRAA’s forum, for a very informative and insightful event. To learn more about the SMLR Alumni Association, upcoming events, and how you can get involved, email the SMLR Alumni Association leadership at

Thank you to our three accomplished panelists for their contributions to our May 2020 forum!


Tennille McCoy, Assistant Commissioner, Human Capital Strategies and Senior Project Lead, Public Apprenticeships at NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development


Tinique Peery-Pitts, Vice President, Human Resources at Prudential Financial


Meeta Srivastava, Senior Director Human Resources at Gartner