Global Work

Expanding Boundaries and The Governance of Work

The evolution of the global economy has entered a new phase, and SMLR is on the cusp of this change. Through our school’s initiatives, we are redefining the governance of work and employees’ role within it.

Our eye towards international trends has spurred collaborations and partnerships that cross the globe. With China uniquely positioned at the center of market's global integration, SMLR collaborated with Renmin University of China and several Rutgers units to host The Global Transformation of Work: Market Integration, China's Rise, and Labor Adaptation Conference. More than 100 scholars united to discuss how Chinese businesses have successfully expanded their service offerings and overseas operations. 

In addition to our outreach, SMLR serves as a hub of expertise on the workforce. This is evident by a recent visitation from Germany's State Secretary Thorben Albrecht and a delegation from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, who met with SMLR faculty and students to inform national policy recommendations on the future of work.

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