Faculty Services

"The service I receive through our Library consistently exceeds expectations. Questions are promptly addressed and resources are exactly what I need. I use the daily "blast" of selected news and reports on labor related issues to keep up with issues and use as teaching tools in the classroom."

Anne-Michelle Marsden, Faculty


Information Literacy Presentations

Information literacy encompasses finding, evaluating, and using information. Consider an information literacy session for your course to either introduce important research concepts to your students or advance their existing skills. Presentation topics include:

  • Rutgers University Libraries Introduction/Overview
  • Beginning the Research Process
  • Writing a Literature Review
  • Creating Citations
  • What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It
  • Evaluating Journal Articles
  • Search Techniques and Strategies
  • Internet Research and Evaluation
  • Guidance on Course Specific Assignments

Presentations are tailored to meet the course’s specific needs; and can be anywhere from 30 minutes long, or a full class period. Presentations are available for summer and winter sessions as well. Contact Julie Peters, jpeters@smlr.rutgers.edu to schedule a session.

Supplementary Course Materials

The Library provides a number of supplementary course materials to assist students. We have developed Citation Style Guides for APA, MLA and Chicago Style. These guides help students learn how to properly cite their research. Also available is an Avoiding Plagiarism Guide. Tutorials on a variety of topics are also available. All supplementary materials can either be downloaded and distributed in class, or embedded within an online course or course management system. If you would like the Library to develop a specific type of supplementary material, please contact Julie Peters, jpeters@smlr.rutgers.edu.

Embedded Librarian in Online Courses

If you are offering an online course, there is an option to have a librarian embedded within the course. This can be designed in several different ways depending on the course, but essentially, a librarian will be available for students electronically. The librarian may “visit” the course for only one unit, or be available to students throughout the entire length of the course. The embedded librarian will also utilize many of the supplementary materials discussed above. If you are interested in having a librarian embedded in your online course, please contact Julie Peters, jpeters@smlr.rutgers.edu.

Office Hours in the Janice H. Levin Building

The Library Director, Julie Peters, is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (from 1pm to 4pm) in the Levin Building, Office 136.