Critical Race Theory Seminar with Founding Scholar Dr. Mari Matsuda

CIWO welcomed founding scholar of Critical Race Theory, Dr. Mari Matsuda

CIWO had the privilege of welcoming a founding scholar of Critical Race Theory, Dr. Mari Matsuda, to the SMLR community on February 27, 2020 at the Labor Education Center. For this seminar-style gathering, Matsuda shared the origin story of the founding of Critical Race Theory and discussed the key tenets of the approach. She explained the necessity of scholars hearing the voices of those most often silenced to work towards protections and remedies against “racist hate speech,” and white supremacy in American society, on our campuses. She was joined by SMLR’s Assistant Professor Tami Lee, discussing the benefits of a Critical Race Theory approach in Industrial Relations theory. Lee asserted that bringing intersectionality to the forefront of researching the complexity of racism and sexism in employee relations and employment discrimination would provide a more accurate and inclusive analysis of workers as we advance research in the “future of workers” era. This seminar was co-sponsored by CIWO, SMLR Dean’s Office, SMLR’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, and SMLR's Labor Studies and Employee Relations Department.

 L to R: Dr. Sheri Davis, Dr. Mari Matsuda, Dr. Tami Lee