Corporate Programs

Partner with SMLR's Center for HR and Leadership Development to Empower Your Workforce

By partnering with SMLR's Center for HR and Leadership Development (CHRLD) at your location, you can develop your most valuable resource – your people. Rutgers training programs help develop your employees and enable you to leverage the competitive advantage of your workforce. Our faculty, business partners, and subject-matter experts can bring any of our programs directly to your organization, with on-site programs that produce results.


Deliver On-Site Training

Our flexible approach centers on your organization's needs, bringing our outstanding programs to your location. With this type of program delivery, CHRLD extends the expertise and resources of Rutgers University directly to partnering organizations at their locations.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Health Care Management
  • Project Management

Programs at your location enable you to:

  • Train work groups together in a setting that reinforces the company's goals and organizational culture
  • Save travel costs and time away from work
  • Tap into the skills of hundreds of world-class Rutgers faculty members and talented, seasoned business practitioners
  • Create staff loyalty through your commitment to their professional growth
  • Improve bottom line results through targeted employee and organizational development


Our Corporate Clients include:

"We chose to work with CHRLD because of its impressive instructors, many of whom are leaders in academia and their industries,” says Jackie Rahbari, Silver Line Human Resources Manager, Andersen Corporation. “Over the course of a year, CHRLD’s instructors worked with our management group and executives to build a higher performing team—a feat that we could not have achieved on our own. As a result our, leaders are now more engaged, committed and better suited to meet their everyday production challenges and help our organization on its continuous improvement efforts.”

"CHRLD took the time needed to truly learn about our organization and talent needs,” says William Kane, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HR and General Affairs, Sumitomo Corporation of America. “Through a pragmatic action learning experience, the CHRLD team was able to help several of our future leaders to better plan, implement, and sustain change."



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