Continuing Studies

We have brought together top university instructors and qualified individuals from the community to offer you courses, programs and services that will put you on the path to the tomorrow you envision. Our courses are designed to cultivate learning and enrich the lives of adults in New Jersey and beyond.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate
This four-course certificate program, available in both online and in-class formats, is designed to give you the tools to help organizations successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with an increasingly diverse workforce.

Leading Organizational Change Certificate
This four-course certificate program helps students develop knowledge and skills in organizational leadership, change management, and creating and sustaining a learning organization.

Labor and Employment Relations Certificate
This certificate program in the general area of labor and employment relations involves successful completion of four graduate courses offered by the Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department.

Public Sector Labor-Management Relations
This four-course certificate program helps students develop a broad perspective on public sector labor-management relations issues—involving teachers, Rutgers university employees, police officers, and other public employees.

Executive and Professional Education

Executive and Professional Education (EPE) develops and delivers innovative learning and development solutions that strengthen and advance the individual, workforce, and organization as a whole. EPE provides a rich learning environment through a powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction, led by distinguished Rutgers University faculty, thought leaders, and industry experts. 

Program participants can earn certifications and academic graduate credits within the School of Management and Labor Relations. Programs can be tailored to the needs of organizations and companies and delivered as custom program solutions. 


Labor Education Action Research Network (LEARN) is the continuing studies division for labor in the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations in the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. LEARN sponsors public programs that: (a) strengthen the community at work; (b) facilitate its organization on a more democratic basis; and, (c) address unjustified inequalities of power and wealth in the wider society.

Union Leadership Academy (ULA) provides leadership development courses for rank-and-file union members and leaders. Many high-level leaders of the New Jersey labor movement are graduates of the ULA.