Colorado SECTORS Initiative

Throughout the country, at least 24 states and many regions are adopting sector strategies as a powerful mechanism to address employer and workforce needs. Sector strategies—state policies that promote regional, public-private partnerships to improve an industry’s workforce—have the dual goal of improving access to good jobs for workers and meeting industry’s need for a skilled labor force. The State of Colorado has adopted Strategies to Enhance Colorado's Talent Through Regional Solutions (SECTORS) and tasked Rutgers SMLR’s research team to analyze the results of its pilot programs.

From March 2012 to March 2013, Heather McKay and SMLR’s researchers, Suzanne Michael, Laura Barrett, and Renee Edwards, studied the 10 grants. The research team conducted phone interviews with project leaders, visited each project site, and analyzed program documents. Rutgers has produced 10 individual case studies that discuss the experiences, challenges, and successes of each of the partnerships as well as a final comprehensive report that provides a look across all these partnerships to create a broad picture of Colorado’s statewide SECTORS grant initiative. These recommendations are outlined in the reports listed below. 

Colorado Sector Grant Evaluation Reports

Sectors Evaluation Report 
This report by the Center for Women and Work (CWW) at Rutgers University summarizes the findings, best practices, and recommendations from an external program evaluation of the Colorado SECTORS Initiative. The evaluation was conducted between March 2012 – March 2013.

Sectors Evaluation Executive Summary

Case Studies

The 10 case studies below were developed by the Center for Women and Work (CWW) at Rutgers University as part of their program evaluation of the Colorado SECTORS Initiative grants.