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By: Lori MacIsaac On: September 12, 2017 Associated Program: Executive Certificate: The Leader's Edge - Online
Most of us have a sense of what our personal leadership style is and what our strengths and weaknesses are.  With that knowledge, we must adapt our behaviors in an emotionally intelligent way to establish effective work relationships and get things done.  Getting things done through other people is the definition of a good leader and requires us to empower our individuals and teams to collaborate to achieve their optimal productivity.  Sustained employee performance however, can only be achieved if we use the right motivation and engagement strategies to challenge and develop... read more

By: Dr. Deborah Waddill On: March 27, 2017 Associated Program: Executive Certificate: HR for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Online
If Dr. Seuss had written his book Oh, the Places You’ll Go in 2016 instead of 1990, his illustrations may have incorporated many of today’s remarkable, new mobile inventions.  Clearly these devices enable people to “go places” they never imagined possible.  Those places have business applications.  Recent mobile developments broaden Human Resource horizons.  Drones, wearables, and smartphone applications provide effective new realms for any HR professional with an understanding of the workforce and a propensity to explore.  The sky is the limit.  New mobile... read more

By: Dr. Deborah Waddill On: February 28, 2017 Associated Program: Executive Certificate: HR for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Online
Cloud computing is the rage in the business realm.  One would have to be completely isolated to miss this fact.  As HR professionals we tend to have a level head and are not swept up by passing fads.  But this trend is here to stay and here is why. Many HR systems are moving to the cloud.  While your organization may have legacy systems, the potential cost reduction of leveraging cloud technologies provides an attractive and justifiable lure to those in the Board Room, C-Suite, and IT Department.  Perhaps even more compelling is the business side demand on the IT... read more

In many organizations the notion of performance management often refers to the assessment process and the appraisal tools used to ensure whether the employee meets or even exceeds expectations.  However, managers need to hold up the mirror to determine whether they have set their staff member up for success or failure. It begins with the end in mind.  What do we (the organization and department) hope to accomplish in the year ahead, what does success look like, and how does each individual contribute to the goal.  It sounds simple, logical, yet why do many employees miss the... read more

By: Eileen Nash On: January 21, 2016 Associated Program: Executive Certificate: HR for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Online
In my role as Senior Program Coordinator for Rutgers Center for HR and Leadership Development (CHRLD), the seamless transition of participants from registration through graduation is always my goal.  Upon the start of each NextGen program, I am always eager to see the excitement and anticipation in students’ faces upon their arrival for the first day of class. Although participants are not initially aware of what to expect, they arrive with a curiosity and desire to learn and grow in their current jobs and careers.  With each hour we spend together interacting, it is always... read more