William S. Borden Graduate Memorial Fund

William S. "Bill" Borden, MLER ’83, was an advisor and instructor at SMLR. Bill always went above and beyond to help students at SMLR and was an inspiration for students and colleagues alike. Bill served in the U.S. Navy for two tours during World War II and the Korean War.

In the interim, Bill received his undergraduate degree from Mexico City College. He received his M.S. in human resource management from Rutgers' School of Management and Labor Relations. He became a flight attendant at Trans World Airlines (TWA) and systematically rose up the ranks over the course of the 37 years he was at TWA. With his leadership and advanced foreign language skills, he became a labor-management executive.

Bill had an important impact at TWA during his time as vice president of in-flight services. With this position, he had an important role in negotiating union and employment contracts. Bill understood the interesting relationship between management and labor and was a champion of furthering positive relations between the two.

The William S. Borden Fund is a scholarship fund created to honor Bill’s legacy as a leader in management and labor relations. The scholarship supports a full-time master’s student in the Human Resource Management Program based on academic excellence and/or financial need. For more information about Bill or the scholarship please contact, Meera Ananth mananth@smlr.rutgers.edu.