Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council

Advancing and shaping the field of HR Management

The Rutgers University Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council (SHRLC) was created to advance and shape the field of Human Resource Management by identifying the competencies required by future HR leaders and designing the curriculum to develop those competencies in the next generation of HR professionals.

Bringing the top HR faculty & HR professionals together

As part of the Human Resource Management Department of Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations – SHRLC brings the world’s most published and cited HR faculty together with senior HR thought leaders from many of the top global corporations. The Strategic Human Resource Leadership Council comes from a long history of HR faculty and HR professional collaboration at Rutgers University, most recently embodied in the work of the Center for Human Resource Strategy (CHRS). The formation of SHRLC represents a recommitment to that mission in a structure designed to meet the challenges facing today's Human Resource Management leaders.

Enjoy The Benefits of SHRLC Membership

  • Identifying and developing future HR talent in collaboration with Rutgers HRM faculty
  • Participation in our management and executive development offerings, custom programs, workshops and seminars
  • Access to the latest Human Resource Management research conducted by Rutgers HR faculty members
  • Recognition as part of an elite group dedicated to advancing the field of Strategic HR Management
  • The opportunity to guest lecture at Rutgers University, sharing experience in HR and visions for its future